About | Professional MS Access Expert Brussels, Belgium

Carl Tanghe – The founder

Carl Tanghe brings over 25 years of experience into application development and great expertise in leading a team with his high spirited and action driven nature. As the CEO he has always believed and inseminated values such as Timeliness, Quality, Customer Focus, Innovation and adding Value to business. He holds a university degree in Applied Economics from KU Leuven, Belgium and studied Software Engineering from GroepT Leuven, Belgium.


The Company

Access Database Consultant Brussels was born out of sheer love for database and belief in power of MS Access. Today the company is a global provider for Microsoft Access based database consulting and application development. Our extensive experience and rigorous process of software excellence is what sets us apart.

We have been creating huge business impact, which reflects among the extensive clientele whom we have served over the years. We are proud to have as our clients, some of the best-of-breed companies across verticals like Manufacturing, Banking and Finance, Oil and Gas, Food Processing, Electronics, Telecommunications, Chemicals, Health and Pharmaceuticals, Education and more.

We help analyse and structure data to make more sense, create business value and take better decisions.

Why us?

We enter where ever you want us to analyse your processes and data entries, whether it is manual or digital. We help add a format, an intelligent system and business sense to that data, which starts to speak the language you want. We can open dimensions from your data which you had never known existed.

Who are we for?

With a huge portfolio, we have served almost all industries. We are serving local, national and international businesses, governmental agencies, educational institutions, and individuals of all sizes and requirements.


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